Proud Members of the Committee

Executive Committee

Chairman Rep. Steven Smith
Vice Chairman Rep. Jim Grenier
Secretary Marie Lozito
Treasurer Don Clarke

Members of the Committee

Don Bettencourt – Sunapee
Spec Bowers – Sunapee
Rep. Ernie Bridge – Unity
Don Clarke – Claremont
Larry Gaskell – Washington
Don Gobin – Grantham
Rep. Tom Laware – Charlestown
Pat Lozito – Claremont
Joe Osgood – Claremont
Kevin Poitras – Goshen
David Roark – Claremont
Debra Searles – Newport
Adele Smith – Charlestown
Bill Walker – Plainfield
Laura Ward – Plainfield
Rodd Ward – Newport
Don Wenz – Grantham


One Response to Proud Members of the Committee

  1. Jane B. Johnson says:

    As Area 4 Vice Chair, NHGOP, I look forward to meeting you and working with you to make this election cycle a successful one for Republicans in Sullivan and Cheshire County. My email address is: and I welcome all of you to contact me.

    Jane B. Johnson

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