NHGOP Statement on the First-In-The-Nation Primary

PRESS CONTACT: Ross Berry, Press@nhgop.org

– New Hampshire Republican State Committee (NHGOP) Chairman Jennifer Horn issued the following statement on the status of New Hampshire’s First-In-The-Nation Primary:

“I am pleased to announce that New Hampshire’s First-In-The-Nation (FITN) Primary has been secured by the RNC Convention Rules Committee. During today’s meeting, no proposed rules changes were offered to eliminate the four carve-out states, including New Hampshire. We were also successful in soundly defeating the imposition of a rule that would make New Hampshire follow proportional standards. I particularly want to thank our National Committeeman, Steve Duprey, for his hard work and his steadfast commitment to our primary. Retaining our primary is a privilege that Granite State voters have earned and I am grateful that the RNC continues to trust us with this honor.”

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Senate 5 – Democrat Candidate hides tweets

Attention Senate 5 voters – Canaan, Charlestown, Claremont, Cornish, Enfield, Hanover, Lebanon, Lyme, and Plainfield – There are two candidates for NH Senate. One candidate, Marie Lozito, has a publhenneseytwitteric history of her thoughts and opinions going back 4 years. Her opponent, Representative Hennessey, wants you to be in her private group before she’ll tell what she thinks. Shocking behavior for a currently elected public official. To see how transparent candidates work, go tohttps://marie4nh.wordpress.com

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