Local Candidates

Name Current/previous positions State Candidacy Ref
Jeb Bush
Governor of Florida

Florida Secretary of Commerce (1987–1988)
Flag-map of Florida.svg
Jeb Bush presidential campaign, 2016 [1]
Ben Carson
Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery,
Johns Hopkins Hospital

Flag-map of Maryland.svg
Carson for President 2016.png
FEC Filing
Chris Christie
Governor of New Jersey

United States Attorney for the District of New Jersey (2002–2008)
Morris County Freeholder (1995–1998)
Flag-map of New Jersey.svg
New Jersey
Christie 2k16.png
FEC Filing
Ted Cruz
United States Senator from Texas

Solicitor General of Texas (2003–2008)
Texas flag map.svg
Cruz 2k16 text.png
FEC Filing
Fiorina Circle.png
Carly Fiorina
CEO of Hewlett-Packard

Nominee for United States Senate in California, 2010
Flag-map of Virginia.svg
Carly for President Logo.png
FEC Filing
Jim Gilmore
Governor of Virginia

Presidential candidate in 2008
Nominee for United States Senate in Virginia, 2008
Attorney General of Virginia (1994–1997)
Flag-map of Virginia.svg
Gilmore 2016.png
FEC Filing
Lindsey Graham
United States Senator from South Carolina

United States Representative from South Carolina (1995–2003)
South Carolina State Representative (1993–1995)
Flag-map of South Carolina.svg
South Carolina
Graham 2k16.png
FEC Filing
Mike Huckabee
Governor of Arkansas

Presidential candidate in 2008
Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas (1993–1996)
Flag-map of Arkansas.svg
Huckabee Plain.png
FEC Filing
Bobby Jindal
Governor of Louisiana

United States Representative from Louisiana (2005–2008)
Asst. Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services (2001-2003)
President of the University of Louisiana System (1999-2001)
Secretary, Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals (1996-1999)
Flag Map of Louisiana accurate.png
Jindal 2016 (Vertical).png
FEC Filing
John Kasich
Governor of Ohio

Presidential candidate in 2000
United States Representative from Ohio (1983–2001)
Ohio State Senator (1979–1982)
Ohio Flag Map Accurate.png
Kasich 2016.png
FEC Filing
George Pataki
Governor of New York

New York State Senator (1993–1994)
New York State Assemblyperson (1985–1992)
Mayor of Peekskill (1981–1984)
Flag-map of New York.svg
New York
Pataki for President Campaign Logo.png
FEC Filing
Paul Circle.png
Rand Paul
United States Senator from Kentucky
Flag-map of Kentucky.svg
Rand Paul Presidential Campaign logo.svg
(CampaignPolitical positions)
FEC Filing
Perry Circle.png
Rick Perry
Governor of Texas

Presidential candidate in 2012
Lieutenant Governor of Texas (1999–2000)
Texas Commissioner of Agriculture (1991–1999)
Texas State Representative (1985–1991)
Texas flag map.svg
Perry for President.png
FEC Filing
Rubio Circle.png
Marco Rubio
United States Senator from Florida

Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives (2007–2009)
Florida State Representative (2000–2009)
Flag-map of Florida.svg
Marco Rubio 2016 Campaign logo.png
FEC Filing
Rick Santorum
United States Senator from Pennsylvania

Presidential candidate in 2012
United States Representative from Pennsylvania (1991–1995)
Flag-map of Pennsylvania.svg
Santorum 2k16 text.png
FEC Filing
Trump Circle.png
Donald Trump
CEO of The Trump Organization
Flag-map of New York.svg
New York
Trump 2016.png
FEC Filing
Walker Circle.png
Scott Walker
Governor of Wisconsin

Milwaukee County Executive (2002–2010)
Wisconsin State Assemblyperson (1993–2002)
Flag map of Wisconsin.svg
Walker 2k16.png
FEC Filing

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