Local Candidates

NH Governor

Walt Havenstein

US Senate

Scott Brown

US Congress

Marilinda Garcia

NH Senate

District 8 – Jerry Little

NH House of RepresentativesMarilinda_Garcia

District 1 (Choose 2)
Bill Walker, Don Wenz

District 2
Spec Bowers

District 3
Neil Wardsteve

District 4
George T. Caccavaro, Jr.

District 5
Richard Madigan

District 6 (Choose 2)
Ernie Bridge, Skip Rollins

District 7
Jim Grenier

District 8
Tom Laware

District 9
Tom Howard

District 10
Joe Osgood

District 11
Steven Smith Facebook Twitter

John P. Simonds

County Commissioner, 1st District
Don Clarke

County Commissioner, 2nd District
Ben Nelson

County Attorney
Marc Hathaway

County Treasurer
Michael Sanderson

Register of Deeds (Choose 1)
Chaunee L. Baker

Register of Probate
Diane M. Davis

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